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Cast Announcement

Congratulations to the cast of Elf The Musical 

 We are so excited about this cast!  Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Buddy: Madden Picco

Jovie: Chloe Lee

Walter Hobbs: Connor Rezner

Emily Hobbs: Juliet Sanchez

Michael Hobbs: Jack Cochran

Manager: Bryce Johnson

Deb: Brooke Maurer

Mr. Greenway: Colin Thomas

Santa: Noah Krist

Sam: Sebastian Genazzini 

Chadwick: Savannah Rumbaugh 

Matthews: Hannah Johnson 

Charlotte Dennon: Jaden Meyer


North Pole Elves: Addison Lemke, Kaitlyn Lemke, Evan Springston, Madelyn Rangel, 

Leo Burr, Penelope Baglieri, Charlotte Rumbaugh, Mateo Ramirez, Kendrix Fitzgerald,

Jean Castro, Lauren Said, Fia Cullen


Macy’s Elves: Sophie Viramontes, Isabella Colacino, Evie Williams, Lexi Carroll, Grace Lovette, Dalilah Leon, Kirsten Lara, Kaitlynn Osbrink, Madison Burnett, Savannah Smith, Bianca Cuellar, Malia Pape, Madyson Lovette, Matthew Price, Carter Johnson, Zente Szylagi


NYC Citizens: Ally Blais, Chloe Bowen, Ella Atchley, Lily Rodriguez, Juliet Avila, Sophia Makhlouf, Haydyn Lazarus, Desmond Stelea, Richie Puckett,

Chance Voorheis, Matthew Price


Greenway Staff: Natalie Vantilborg, Phoenix Fitzgerald, Peyton Clark, Cailyn Thomas, Charlotte Greenburg, Hannah Johnson, Savannah Rumbaugh,

Jaden Meyer, Kaylyn Hooker, Angelina Castro, Erica Ibarra, Richie Puckett, Chance Voorheis, Noah Krist, Colin Thomas, Sebastian Genazzini, Matthew Price


Fake Santa’s: Richie Puckett, Desmond Stelea, Carter Johnson, Colin Thomas, Noah Krist, Chance Voorheis, Matthew Price, Bryce Johnson,

Sebastian Genazzini, Zente Szylagi, Bianca Cuellar, Kaitlynn Osbrink, Madyson Lovette, Kirsten Lara, Phoenix Fitzgerald


Additional roles to be assigned later. 

Into The Woods (2).png

Congratulations to our Play Production Class' Cast of

Into the Woods Jr.

 We are so excited about all of the talent that will make up the cast of this show!  Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Narrator: Charlotte Rumbaugh

Baker: Connor Rezner

Baker's Wife: Savannah Rumbaugh

Cinderella: Angelina Castro

Jack: Sophie Viramontes

Jack's Mother: Juliet Sanchez

Little Red: Evie Williams

The Witch: Hannah Johnson

Cinderella's Prince: Bryce Johnson

Rapunzel's Prince: Sebastian Genazzini

Rapunzel: Kaitlynn Osbrink

Cinderella's Stepmother: Brooke Maurer

Florinda: Jaden Meyer

Lucinda: Chloe Lee

Cinderella's Father / Steward: Isaiah Kuehl

Cinderella's Mother: Lexi Carroll

Granny: Phoenix Fitzgerald

Mysterious Man: Colin Thomas

The Wolf: Noah Krist

Milky-White: Vivienne Rumbaugh

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