CAT's Corner

Congratulations to our Christmas Spectacular cast.  

Thank you to everyone that came out to audition. 


Ethan Audiss, Mason Bell, Angelina Castro, Bianca Cuellar, Fia Cullen, Helaina Cullen,

Logan Curtis, Ava Cusiter, Brie Duplechain, Otis Francis, Rosey Francis, Emma Fullerton,

Sierra Gairing, Garrett Gonta, Emma Green, Wensley Klure-Walker, Emma Lange, Cassidy Laux, Reagan Laux, Rylea Laux, Dalilah Leon, Madyson Lovette, Grace Lovette, Wesley Maradiaga,

Kayleen Maradiaga, Victoria Marks, Brooke Maurer, Jaden Meyer, Claire Meyer, Rory Nguyen,

Tanya Pape, Talina Perez, Claire Pettijohn, Mya Ramirez, Connor Rezner, Kathryn Rust, Erin Rust,

Juliet Sanchez, Robert Seide, Ryan Smith, Tessa Stevens, Zente Szilagyi, Ryder Thompson,

Evie Williams, Faith Wills 


ITL 2019 Nominees
* 2019 Winners



* Ashley Carlstrom as Queen Constantina

* Laura Andrews as Fairy Godmother

* Madi Pettijohn as Cinderella


Junie B. Jones the Musical Jr.

* Brooke Maurer as Junie B. Jones

Connor Rezner as Sheldon

* Rachel Solorio for Choreographer

The Music Man

* Beverly Baird for Costumer

Jeanetta Bell as Widow Paroo

* Justin Ray for Choreographer

* Kristin Mulligan as Marian Paroo

* Lisa Lyons for Director

Mason Audiss as Winthrop Paroo

* Michael Mulligan as Professor Harold Hill

* Ryan Reithmeier for Vocal Director

Shannon Laux as Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn

Sue Green for Set Design


Thoroughly Modern Millie

* Ashley Carlstrom as Millie Dillmount

Ayden Nelson as Bun Foo

* Beverly Baird for Costumer

* Brianna Lopez-Lucas for Vocal Direction

Dan Monroe for Director

* Hollee Cool for Choreographer

Ian Nelson as Ching Ho

* Peyton Newsome as Muzzy Van Hossmere

* Phillip Higelin as Jimmy Smith

* Sue Green for Set Director


You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

* Drake Lyons as Charlie Brown

* Joshua Monteleone as Snoopy

* Rachel Solorio for Choreographer

* Reagan Carlstom as Sally Brown

* Rory Nguyen as Lucy Van Pelt


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